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acadmicIf your Issue is:
I've been called to a cheating hearing!


This might be due to an allegation of what is referred to as academic misconduct, either by you, or in reference to a case in which you might somehow be involved. A hearing is the event where the matter is fully investigated so you should familiarize yourself with the procedural arrangements set out in Section 12 of the RAU Academic Regulations (Section 1 General Rules) available in the Academic policies and procedures area of the RAU website. See:  

You are entitled to be accompanied at the hearing but you must advise the panel of this in advance. Your Programme Leader can guide you further. 
Entry link: Cheating


infoIf your Issue is:

What clubs are on offer as I have a particular interest in joining one?

Visit the Students Union Office situated in the Log Cabin next to Cedar Lodge. The STARs also arrange events on a regular basis and they can be found in the Student Support Services Hub, Cedar Lodge. 

See the Student Support page on Gateway and the Student Handbook for details:

Entry link: Clubs


academicIf your Issue is:

Is team work collusion?


Collusion is defined within the Academic policies and procedures area of the RAU website.
For further Information try:
Entry link: Collusion

Consent and rape

problemIf your Issue is:
I woke up to find someone having sex with me…is this rape?

Active consent by all parties is required for sex to be consentual.  Talk to someone you trust and/or Student Support services. If you want help immediately outside of office hours contact the Porters Lodge, they will be able to contact the Duty Officer for you.  

You can also see:

Entry link: Consent and rape

Council Tax

infoIf your Issue is:
I've been sent letters asking me to pay but I'm a full time student 


See the Student Support page on Gateway for the guide to council tax or drop in at the Student Support Services Hub. 

Another link you can try is:

Entry link: Council Tax


healthIf your Issue is:
Where can I see a counselor?

The university provides an in-house counselling service and an external service for students to use, they are both free and confidential. in term time contact Counsellor, Health and Wellbeing Officer: Emma Wingate at or telephone 01285 889929.

You can also see:
The Student Support page on Gateway.

Entry link: Counselling

Cyber Bullying

problemIf your Issue is:
I'm being roasted on social media

Your Personal Tutor is available to talk to or you can visit Student Support Services for help. The IT Service Desk is also available for advice on blocking messages.

If you have any issues please contact the IT Service Desk in person in the Library Foyer, by phone on 01285 889 841 or by email at (open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm).

You can also see:
The Student Support page on Gateway.

Entry link: Cyber Bullying