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I'm not happy about something at University - how do I make a complaint? 

RAU always appreciates your feedback, if we don't know what is going wrong (or right) we can't fix it (or make it even better). There are many ways you can get involved in giving feedback to RAU. If your issue is a general complaint relating to the University, please email student. If it's programme related start with your Programme Representative, your Personal Tutor or Programme Manager. Keep in mind your message will be stronger if you have already spoken to your colleagues and can present a unified message.  

If it's about University policy or structures speak to your SU. They have been elected to represent your voice to the RAU management team. They will also run fortnightly Student Voice meetings where all students are encouraged to attend and input into what happens at RAU. There are also plenty of University committees and groups that would appreciate having a student member, let your SU know if you are interested in this as they will be invited to most of them. 

For anything else you can contact the Student Support Hub and they can help you get your feedback to the right place. The sooner you raise an issue, the more likely it will be resolved in a way that means you get to benefit, not just next year's intake.

The RAU Academic Regulations are available from the RAU website:

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The Student Complaints Procedure here:

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