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Terminal illness

problemIf your Issue is:
One of my parents has just been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness

Your Academic Support Tutor is available to talk to you or you can visit  Student Support Services for help. You may be able to apply for an extension or deferral due to exceptional circumstances if your work has suffered as a direct result of a family issue. Please speak to Student Support Services staff who will explain the process and provide advice.

The RAU Academic Regulations are available from the RAU website:

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Please see Extremism

The Clinic

The Clinic see Health / Medical Centre


If your Issue is:problem
Someone stole my mobile!

Report it to the Security/Porters Lodge as soon as possible and also report it to the police - telephone 101.

You might also try:
There are some excellent preventative measures contained in this link:

Threatening behaviour

problemIf your Issue is:
They told me they'd hurt me

If the threat came from another student or University community member speak to Steve Martin, Security and Student Conduct Manager. 

Contact email: 

His office is next to the Student Lounge, under the arches adjoining the Tithe Barn and he will provide advice and guidance about where to go with this issue. If the threat came from a member of the public please report this to the police. Student Support Services will also be able to provide support and advice in either case.

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Opening hours of Student Support Services


infoIf your Issue is:
Can I lift share?

Lift sharing is a great way to cut costs and meet others at University. There is a student led Facebook group: RAU Cirencester Carpooling, which students tend to use for long journeys

You can also see that:
Some students and staff are on also on here

If your Issue is:
What times does the Shuttle Bus run?

The Shuttle Bus picks up/drops off at specific points in Cirencester. Please refer to the Transport section of the Student Handbook.


problemIf your Issue is:
I'm in trouble with the University or the local community

Speak to the Student & Community Officer who can be found in the Student Union Office located in the Log Cabin next to Cedar Lodge. They will be able to provide some advice and guidance about where to go with this issue. You can also contact who will be able to advise you. 

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