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infoIf your Issue is:
How can I contact security out of hours

From 7am - 8pm ring 01285 652531, from 8pm - 7am call 07960031821 or use Whatsapp if no phone signal. For life threatening emergencies call 999. For non life threatening issues call Police on 101 or medical services on 111. 

Always tell the Porters Lodge or Security if you have to call emergency services so that they can direct them to you quickly.

Security are based in the porters lodge.

Entry link: Security


problemIf your Issue is:
I've been subject to sexist remarks

Report it to the SPOC (single person of contact) which is Steve Martin, Security and Student Conduct Manager. You can also e-mail Julie Tottle, Student Support Services Manager or It's important you let someone know what is happening.

Entry link: Sexism

Sexual health

healthIf your Issue is:
Well...I've got this, erm,....…

A sexual health clinic operates from the University Health / Medical centre during term time please see the University Support Services Gateway page for details.

Entry link: Sexual health

Shuttle bus

Please see Travel

Entry link: Shuttle bus


infoIf your Issue is:
How can I meet new people? I'm really shy

The STARs run events and provide advice for student life.  You can also speak to other team members at the Student Support Services Hub.

Entry link: Socialising


infoIf your Issue is:
What societies can I join?

Visit the Students Union Office situated in the Log Cabin next to Cedar Lodge. The STARs also arrange events on a regular basis and they can be found in the Student Support Services Hub, Cedar Lodge. 

Entry link: Societies

Special needs

healthIf your Issue is:
Who can help me with my Dyslexia/ Autism/ Aspergers/ ADHD?

You can contact the Disability Officer using They will arrange to see you and discuss what services you can use.

Entry link: Special needs


problemIf your Issue is:

Someone is following me.

Please report this to the Police.  Student Support Services staff can help you with this. If you need support outside office hours the Porters Lodge will be able to contact the Duty Officer for you. It is important you let someone know what is happening.

You can also see:

Check out the hollieguard personal security app it's free

Entry link: Stalking


Please see Wellbeing

Entry link: Stress

Struggling academically

academicIf your Issue is:
I just don't get it!


If this feeling is due to a particular Module, then it is best to discuss it with your Module Tutor as they are best placed to help you with alternative learning strategies. If it's University learning in general, you might want to talk to your Personal Tutor who can look at things more holistically and help you understand why you are struggling. 

It might be that you are dyslexic and never knew or you just haven't been given the opportunity to develop your learning skills. Be assured at RAU we want every student to reach their full potential. You may need to push yourself, but we are here to help you.

Entry link: Struggling academically

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