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infoIf your Issue is:
Where can I open a bank account


There are a wide variety of banks and building societies in Cirenecester who will be able to assist you.

You can also see: 

Entry link: Banking


problemIf your Issue is:
I have recently had some bad news and a member of my family or a close friend has died. I am struggling with this. What do I do?

Your Personal Tutor is available to talk to you or you can visit Student Support Services for help. You may also be able to apply for an extension or deferral if your work has suffered as a result of this bereavement. Please speak to Student Support Services staff who will explain the process and provide advice.

See Rules and Regulations on the One stop shop on Gateway and the Student Support page on Gateway

You can also see:

Entry link: Bereavement

Birth contol

healthIf your Issue is:

Where can I get condoms from or ask about other birth controls?


The Health / Medical Centre or Sexual Health Clinic are open during term time. You can also get condoms from the doctors surgery or local pharmacy. Please see the Health / Medical Centre section for opening times. 

You can also see: 

The Student Support page on Gateway

Entry link: Birth contol


academicIf your Issue is:
What text books should I buy?


You may have received initial recommendations from staff you met at Open Day/Applicant Day or in communication with them. If not, the home page for each of your modules will include a Module Handbook which in turn contains a list of essential reading. Library staff or your Module Tutor will help you if you have difficulty locating suggested publications, many of which are available as e-books.

You can also see: 
RAU Resource Lists

Entry link: Books


problemIf your Issue is:
I have been getting nasty text messages from another student and I think I am being bullied. What do I do?

Your Personal Tutor is available to talk to you  or you can visit Student Support Services for help. It's important that you let someone know what is happening. The Conduct Officer, Steve Martin also deals with behaviour issues and he is based just next to the Student Lounge, under the arches adjoining the Tithe Barn.

Another link you can try is the student handbook:

If the above does not answer your question, you could try:
Try the harassment policy on the One stop shop on Gateway or the RAU Academic Regulations are available from the RAU website:

Entry link: Bullying