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My originality score is 35%. Should I be worried?


The originality score on Turnitin is a measure of how similar your work is to other work already submitted to Turnitin or existing on the internet. The Turnitin score may appear high if you have used a template cover sheet, or if you have included a large number of references and Turnitin has included these in its report. But these would not be a worrying contribution to your Turnitin score.    

Turnitin will also detect if you have copied, or copied and only slightly changed, content from another source.  This is generally not what you should be including in your submitted work.  In some cases, it may be appropriate to quote directly the words used by a previous author.  However, this is only the correct approach if the words themselves are of significance, not just the sense the author was conveying. 

In all other cases, you should reword the previous author’s work to demonstrate that you have understood it, and to embed it in to your essay or dissertation.  All references to previous work should be fully referenced in the text and in your reference list. 

For further information consult the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker on the Gateway Homepage, and see the Library’s Guide to APA Referencing on the Library page:

The secret to avoiding plagiarism is making good notes in your own words, and referencing!

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