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healthIf your Issue is: 
I need to lose some weight

Seeing the nurse would be the best place to start. She can recommend resources and help to achieve the required results. See Health/Medical Centre for opening times. 

You can also see:
Various diet clubs available include Slimming World and Weightwatchers - Google them to find a local centre.


problemIf your Issue is:
I'm not feeling myself, can't sleep well/my appetite has changed/feeling stressed

Drop in to the Student Support Services Hub or contact the Student Support Services team on 


infoIf your Issue is:
How can I connect to the wifi?

If you have any IT issues please contact the IT Service Desk in person in the Library Foyer, by phone on 01285 889 841 or by email at (open Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 5:30pm).