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infoIf your Issue is:
How do I report a University maintenance issue like a leaking tap?

Please report it to the Porters Lodge who will log it with the maintenance team.

Mental health

helthIf your Issue is:
I don't know what's wrong with me


Visit Student Support Services Hub who have resources available to help you. Also see your GP if your symptoms are sudden or unexpected.

You can also see:


academicIf your Issue is:

I've been accused of misconduct. What should I do?

Don't panic! There might be a perfectly innocent explanation as to how you might be implicated in collusion or cheating. However, RAU take academic misconduct very seriously and if you have plagiarised, colluded or cheated in any assessed work, you can expect to be taken through the disciplinary process but hopefully in a fair and non-judgemental way. See the RAU website for the RAU Academic Regulations Part 1 Section 12. This will explain the process, the time frame and outline who can help you and how.  

The RAU Academic Regulations are available from the RAU website:

Module Feedback


If your Issue is:
I'm not sure I understand my module feedback


Contact Your Academic Support Tutor, your Programme Manager or your Module Leader for help.

Module tutor

problemIf your Issue is:
My tutor hates me!

Oh dear! You can't really raise that with your Module Tutor then can you? This might be something you feel comfortable to speak about in confidence with your Academic Support Tutor (if they are not the Module Tutor in question!). Alternatively, you might also speak to your Program Manager. If that seems daunting, you could approach the Student Union or use the Big Yellow Button and report the matter via the Cause for Concern link. Personality clashes can arise at times, but with cooperation and determination, they can be overcome.  

You could also contact who will be able to advise you.