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myRAU mobile and desktop app

InformationIf your issue is:
I don't know how to access the myRAU app.

All the details on the app are available from the myRAU support page on Gateway along with a detailed user guide.

Entry link: myRAU mobile and desktop app



problemIf your issue is:
I have a problem with my neighbours who are making me unhappy. Where do I go?


Visit the Accommodation Office or e-mail A meeting will be arranged to discuss options and the possibility of moving rooms if necessary. 

If you are having problems with off-site accommodation you will need to speak to your landlord/agent who may be able to help you.

You can also get advice from the Student Support Services Hub.

Entry link: Neighbours

Neighbours - Parking

problemIf your Issue is:
I'm having a real fight with the neighbours over parking

Speak to the Student & Community Officer who can be found in the Students Union Office located in the Log Cabin next to Cedar Lodge. They will be able to provide some advice and guidance about where to go with this issue and to help put you in touch with the local council.

You can also see:
Urban Fox has general advice

Entry link: Neighbours - Parking


Online shop

infoIf your Issue is:
Is there an online shop at RAU?

Yes, you can find the shop at This is where you are able to pay for extra charges such as rural skills courses, replacement Unicards, resits and study tours.

Entry link: Online shop



infoIf your Issue is:
How can I get a parcel delivered to me?

All letters and parcels are delivered to the Porters Lodge. You will receive an e-mail from the Lodge if you have a parcel. There is also a post box on site for outgoing letters. 

Entry link: Parcels


infoIf your Issue is:
How do I get a parking space?

There are no individually reserved spaces on campus. You can apply for a parking permit by using the on-line parking application portal during self-registration or by visiting the Estates Office. Parking is on a first come first serve basis and is not guaranteed.

You can also see:
Please refer to Gateway for the shuttle bus timetable or try walking into Uni. Many student housing areas are closer than you might think.

Entry link: Parking

Personal Tutor

I don't know who my Personal Tutor is!

You should have received an email early in the semester from your Personal Tutor to introduce themselves. They will also invite you to Student Training Sessions and a catch-up over lunch so check your student email account to make sure you haven't missed anything. 

There is a tile on the myRAU app that can help you find out.

Personal tutor tile on myRAU

If you still feel you don't know who your Personal Tutor is contact Student Support Services on who will be able to help. 

Entry link: Personal Tutor


infoIf your Issue is:
Can I bring my dog into RAU?

Animals are not allowed inside University buildings. You can check the Student Handbook for details. There is also a Code of Conduct for Animals

Entry link: Pets


academicIf your Issue is:

My originality score is 35%. Should I be worried?


The originality score on Turnitin is a measure of how similar your work is to other work already submitted to Turnitin or existing on the internet. The Turnitin score may appear high if you have used a template cover sheet, or if you have included a large number of references and Turnitin has included these in its report. But these would not be a worrying contribution to your Turnitin score.    

Turnitin will also detect if you have copied, or copied and only slightly changed, content from another source.  This is generally not what you should be including in your submitted work.  In some cases, it may be appropriate to quote directly the words used by a previous author.  However, this is only the correct approach if the words themselves are of significance, not just the sense the author was conveying. 

In all other cases, you should reword the previous author’s work to demonstrate that you have understood it, and to embed it in to your essay or dissertation.  All references to previous work should be fully referenced in the text and in your reference list. 

For further information consult the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker on the Gateway Homepage, and see the Library’s Guide to APA Referencing on the Library page:

The secret to avoiding plagiarism is making good notes in your own words, and referencing!

Entry link: Plagiarism


problemIf your Issue is:
I'm in trouble with the police

Your Personal Tutor is available to talk to you or you can visit Student Support Services for help. 

Entry link: Police

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